Target Screening

The choice of the right epitope to be recognized by TCRs is critical for reducing off-target toxicities. Bioinformatic tools like  Expitope enables the examination of the expression of newly identified epitopes in healthy tissue, especially in vital organs like the heart and brain, to avoid unspecific binding of TCRs leading to fatal damage to healthy tissue.

Target Screening Publications

Dolores J. Schendel. Front. Oncol. 2023, Volume 13 - 2023 |
Anja Mösch, Silke Raffegerst, Manon Weis, Dolores J. Schendel and Dmitrij Frishman. Frontiers in Genetics Review published: 19 November 2019 doi: 10.3389/fgene.2019.01141
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Target Screening Abstracts


TCR-gated control of costimulatory switch protein (CSP) activation in rTCR-T cells expressing PD1-41BB
Maja Buerdek, Petra U. Prinz, Kathrin Mutze, Andrea Coluccio Stefanie Tippmer, Miriam Bosch, Giulia Longinotti, Mario Catarinella, Kathrin Davari, Christiane Geiger, Barbara Loesch, Kirsty Crame, Dolores J. Schendel


CAR-TCR Summit Europe

Developing Effective Methods to Monitor, Track & Assess T-Cell Efficacy In Vivo & In Vitro
Dolores J Schendel



A novel library of optimal affinity KRAS mutation-specific T cell receptors associated with multiple HLAs, in combination with a PD1-41BB armoring and enhancement costimulatory switch receptor
Dolores J Schendel, Giulia Longinotti, Mario Catarinella, Melanie Salvermoser, Julia Bittmann, Kirsty Crame, Kathrin Davari and Selwyn Ho



Expitope 3.0 An Advanced in silico Webtool Empowered with Machine Learning for Enhanced pHLA Epitope Prediction and Safety Assessment Simone Thomas, Martin Sebastian Karg, Andrea Coluccio, Barbara Lösch, Dolores J Schendel, Dmitrij Frishman



TCR-based Therapies for Solid Tumors

Case Study Spotlight: Introducing Innovations at Each Step of TCR-T Therapy Development; Dolores Schendel


CAR-TCR Summit

Combined Molecular & Cellular Tools are Required to Assess Safety of TCR-T Immunotherapies; Tristan Holland


CIMT – Cancer Immunotherapy Annual Meeting 2013, Mainz

Wehner C., Ellinger C., Raffegerst S., Wilde S., Mosetter B., Schendel D.J., Milošević S., 2013. Isolation of antigen-specific CD8+ T lymphocytes and molecular characterization of antigenic epitopes. CIMT Mainz, Germany.

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