Manufacturing TCR-T Drug Products

Safety and consistency in the manufacturing of TCR-T drug products represent a significant challenge due to the high variability of starting material. Final drug products must be of high quality, manufactured in the appropriate amount needed and, in a cost, and time-efficient way. Deep expertise and knowledge of manufacturing processes enable robust production of drug products. Standardized automated processes reduce the manufacturing procedure time while consistent quality control ensures a high quality of drug products.

Manufacturing TCR-T Drug products Abstracts

CHI’s 8th Annual Immuno-Oncology Summit Europe

MDG1015: a 3rd Generation TCR-T Therapy Incorporating the PD1-41BB Costimulatory Switch Protein, Advancing to the Clinic
Kirsty Crame



Evolution by Innovation: Connecting the Dots for TCR-T Therapies
Barbara Lösch


Cell UK

High Fidelity Production of TCR-T Cells from Elderly Hematologically-Challenged Patients With Blood Cancers; Dolores Schendel


Helmholtz Alliance 2013, Asselheim

Marin V., Longinotti G. 2013. Status of  GMP process development for TCR expression in lymphocytes. Helmholtz Alliance Asselheim, Germany.

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Marin V., Longinotti G., Wieczorek A., Willde S., Mosetter B., Raffegerst S., Eckl J., Ellinger C., Frankenberger B., Leisegang M., Uckert W., Spranger S., Uharek L., Schendel D. 2013. Setting up of a GMP-compliant method for the production of human TCR-transduced T cells for the clinical testing. Helmholtz Alliance Asselheim, Germany.

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