Medigene presented paths to potential neoantigen-based TCR-therapies

Martinsried/Munich – – High-throughput assessment of neoantigens recognized by both CD8+ and CD4+ T cells presented at Immuno-Oncology Summit Europe

Medigene AG (FSE: MDG1, Prime Standard) announces that its Head of Technology and Innovation, Dr. Slavoljub Milosevic, presented “Rapid High-Throughput Functional Selection of Neoantigens and Assessment of Their Safety” for future novel TCR therapies at the Immuno-Oncology Summit Europe in London.

Neoantigens are an important class of highly specific target molecules for vaccine and TCR-based immunotherapies. Identification of neoantigens by next-generation sequencing and prediction of binding to the HLA allotypes of a patient still leave open the issues of actual immunogenicity and safety of neoantigen targets for therapeutic use. Medigene combines high throughput functional screening with sophisticated in silico tools to overcome several current limitations in selecting relevant neoantigens.

It has been repeatedly shown in recent clinical trials that patient specific neoantigens (delivered as mRNA, peptide vaccines or identified by tumor infiltrating lymphocytes) could be nicely recognized by CD8+ cytotoxic T cells, but surprisingly also very efficiently by helper CD4+ T cells. Medigene presented the CrossTAg (cross-presentation of T cell antigens) vector system which allows highly efficient presentation of intracellular antigens delivered in the form of mRNA in donor-derived antigen presenting cells (APCs) on both MHC class I and MHC class II molecules. This system is used to study neoantigens, in combination with Medigene’s recently granted IP for a TCR building block library and the Company’s self-developed automated platform. In a high-throughput fashion, Medigene can assess the immunogenicity of neoantigens recognized by both CD8+ and CD4+ T cells. The platform technology can dramatically reduce time for selection of suitable immunogenic patient-derived neoantigens and it can be used for simultaneous isolation of neoantigen-specific TCRs used by CD8+ and CD4+ T cells. Such TCRs can potentially be developed for patient-individualized neoantigen-specific adoptive T cell therapy.

Medigene AG (FSE: MDG1, ISIN DE000A1X3W00, Prime Standard) is a publicly listed biotechnology company headquartered in Martinsried near Munich, Germany. The company is developing highly innovative immunotherapies to target various forms and stages of cancer. Medigene focuses on the development of personalized T cell-based therapies, with projects currently in preclinical and clinical development.

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