Whistleblower System

The Whistleblower System enables each person to share information about legal violations in the Company in a protected way. It may occur that employees or third parties witness actions or behavior that is not in line with the Code of Conduct or applicable law, such as misconduct, rude behavior, dubious practices or divergence from guidelines and procedures. The Whistleblower System allows such information to be communicated to the Company. Anonymous communication is possible.

Report a Compliance Concern

Please note: It is prohibited to communicate or report knowingly false or slanderous information that includes unfounded accusations or denunciations. These types of messages will not be tolerated and can have the consequence of prosecution, civil claims or labor law sanctions.

I have read and acknowledge the given information on data protection. I herewith consent to Medigene AG’s handling of my personal data provided for the purpose of handling the tip off(s) by saving and handling such data. A submission of my data to third parties will not occur and is not planned.

I am entitled to withdraw my given consent for the future at any time for any or no reason by notifying Medigene AG, Lochhamer Str. 11, D-82152 Planegg, Germany, or via e-mail: datenschutz@medigene.com.

During the collection, utilization, storage, and processing of personal data, Medigene observes the applicable data protection regulations. Medigene will collect, process, store, and utilize the personal data provided by you only for the specified purposes. In case you no longer wish to receive any information about Medigene, please inform us by e-mail (investor@medigene.com). We will then delete your address from our distribution list.