Living Immunotherapies

Pioneering TCR-T Immunotherapies for Cancer Patients

About Medigene

Medigene is an immuno-oncology platform company focusing on the discovery and development of T cell immunotherapies for solid tumors. Medigene was founded by scientists with the commitment to create breakthrough therapies to fundamentally improve the lives of cancer patients.

Medigene’s End-to-End Platform

The basis of Medigene’s differentiation is our End-to-End Platform of multiple, combinable, exclusive and proprietary technologies. These technologies have the potential to enhance our TCR-T drug products from a safety, durability and efficacy perspective as well as through optimizing our development processes at multiple sequential stages of development, from target screening, through TCR generation and optimization and ultimately into clinical development.


Generation & optimization

TCR-T Therapy armoring & enhancement

Manufacturing tCR-T Drug products

Clinical Development


3rd generation NY-ESO-1 targeted TCR-T therapy combined with our PD1-41BB switch protein- a sensitive, specific TCR with a favorable safety profile

Immunotherapy Pipeline

Our End-to-End Platform allows to develop highly innovative, complementary treatment options for various cancer types


Our TCR Technology

Our End-to-End Platform enables us to generate TCR-T cells with high sensitivity, specificity and safety

Our Partners

We aim to enter strategic partnerships with interested parties to share the transformative potential of cancer immunotherapies with partners who truly believe in innovation.